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Originated 2000 years ago in Korea, Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean Style, Martial Art.  Tang Soo Do, is a form of empty hand and foot combat, as well as training in fighting with weapons such as bow staff or escrima sticks,  for the purpose of self-defense.

Brief History

The martial art of Tang Soo Do is relatively modern. However, its basis can be placed back to the period of three kingdoms. The Koquryo was founded in 37 B. C., the Sicca Dynasty founded in 57, B.C., and Paekche was founded in 18 B.C.

Tang Soo Do is a composite style of 60% Soo Bahk, 30% Northern Chinese (hard), and 10% Southern Chinese (soft). Soo Bahk was first developed during the Sicca Dynasty (618-935 A. D.) The certified Sicca Kingdom was overthrown by a warlord, Wang Kun, and a new kingdom called “Koryo” was formed and lasted about 475 to 500 years. In 1392 A.D. the new kingdom, Yi Dynasty, succeeded and lasted about 500 years. About a thousand-year period elapsed where the general public and the military found this art to be very popular. Our kicking techniques which are our basis for Tang Soo Do are based on Soo Bahk. Tang Soo Do is both a hard and soft style deriving its hardness in part from Soo Bahk, and its soft flowing movements from the Southern Chinese Tang systems.

Modern History

The subsequent occupation of Korea by the Japanese military regime took place from 1909 to 1945. During this period, the practicing and teaching of martial arts were restricted.

After World War 2, this restriction was lifted.

The man who developed Tan Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan, Grandmaster Hwang Kee, is a martial arts prodigy. He mastered Soo Bahk at the age of 22. In 1936 he traveled to Northern China where he encountered a Chinese variation of martial artistry called the Tang method. Its purpose is to develop every aspect of the self, in order to create a mature personality who totally integrates his intellect, body, emotions, and spirit. This total integration helps to create a person who is free from inner conflict and who can deal with the outside world in a mature intelligent, forthright and virtuous manner.

Other famous Tang Soo Do practitioners that played a pivotal role in its growth in the US are Darnell Garcia, Chuck Norris, and Billy Blanks.

Tang So Doo is also well-reputed for its superior kicking techniques. These techniques are derived from Tae Kyon—the only surviving martial art in Korea. Hwang’s genius combined different forms, popularized the style, and taught it throughout South Korea. And soon, it became the most popular and practiced form of martial art in the country.

Today Tang Soo Do is practiced worldwide and is one of the most famous and widely practiced martial arts forms in the US.

Our School History

Karate USA was founded by Master Dan Daubenspeck, who studied under masters in Korea. He brought the art to North Carolina. An early student of Master Dan’s was Art Johnson. They began teaching together about 25 years ago. When Master Dan retired, Master Art continued teaching and running the school, which was located in Daniel Boone Square. In order to run more efficiently, the school moved to the basement of First Baptist Church in Hillsboro for 3 years. We eventually obtained the current space in Hillsborough in 2019. We currently have instructors. Master Art Johnson, 5th Dan; Master Tim Hinton, 4th Dan, Master David Ray Loftis, 4th Dan, Instructor Niki Hinton, 3rd Dan; and Timothy Hinton, Jr, 2nd Dan, Cam New, and Spencer Parris, both 1st Dan.

Tang Soo Do—Top Mental and Health Benefits

Even after thousands of years, Tang Soo Do instruction methods emphasize the discipline and philosophies stressed upon in ancient times. However, it is adjusted to the mental and physical health needs of the practitioners today- progressively contributing to the development of their character and ensuring self-discipline, integrity, and respect for others.

Tang Soo Do is designed to enrich lives by providing many mental and health benefits for people of all age groups and fitness levels. Whether you’re a child or an adult, woman or a man, Tang Soo Do can benefit you greatly. Tang Soo Do training and techniques focus on physical conditioning, thus resulting in:

  • Improved fitness level
  • Assistance with weight loss
  • Toned muscles
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Release stress and frustration
  • Greater strength and flexibility
  • Excellent hand and eye coordination
  • Improved reflexes

As Tang Soo Do also involved mental training, this helps you reap numerous mental health benefits such as:

  • Stress relief
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-discipline
  • Better mental focus

Overall, it builds your self-confidence and helps you grow as a healthier individual inside and out. For more information about Tang So Doo or to enroll in our program, contact us today. We offer a variety of Tang So Doo programs in Hillsborough, NC, for all age groups. You’re only a step away from tapping all these benefits and enriching your life for the better.

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Karate USA specializes in Tang Soo Do located in Hillsbourgh, North Carolina and offers Kids, Adult and Women’s Self Defense Classes.

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