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Dedicated Lessons for Those Who Want Their Own Learning Experience

Private karate lessons dedicated to students – young or adults – interested in exploring karate at their own pace. Our teachers help you learn quickly or slowly as per your preference while ensuring safety from COVID and more to enhance your or your loved ones’ learning experience!

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Private Karate Classes in North Carolina

Karate USA aims to facilitate you to make learning easy and promises a tailored karate learning experience, and this is made possible by our private classes. Our instructors make a point of tailoring every class to student requirements, thus ensuring better learning.

We offer 1-to-1 karate lessons in North Carolina as well as lessons for siblings at home or our studio. Students get individual attention when it comes to their posture, movement, and more, leading to promising results in the process. Students also get to choose an instructor of their choice!

The sensei analyzes students individually and designs a dedicated lesson plan and routine so that students’ requirements are met. We also cater to students with special needs and prepare specialized karate lessons for them.

Why Go for Private Lessons?

Some of the benefits associated with private lessons include:


Some students might find themselves unable to perform in front of others. Our private classes are geared towards mitigating this performance anxiety as it is a 1-to-1 karate lesson.

More Attention

Our instructors make a point of giving every student the utmost attention possible during karate lessons. When the instructor is dedicated to a single student or a few students, they get more attention.

Better Preparation

From preparing for group classes all the way to tournaments and katas, private classes bring much better results because of the individualized attention.

Tailored Program

It’s all about karate and fitness with these classes, helping you not only learn more about self-defense but also ensuring you get a tailored fitness program to boast!

Learning While Social Distancing

In our private classes, it’s just you and the instructor observing the mandated guidelines set forth for COVID-19 prevention. Safety is given the top priority at Karate USA!

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Karate USA specializes in Tang Soo Do located in Hillsbourgh, North Carolina and offers Kids, Adult and Women’s Self Defense Classes.

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